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Edee Leslie

Coaching Team

Edee Leslie is a remarkable individual who currently serves as a graduate player at Dominican University while also excelling as a coach at San Domenico School and the Aquila Volleyball Club. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in the sport, she possesses an exceptional ability to guide and mentor young female athletes.


As a coach, Edee brings a high level of knowledge and understanding of volleyball to her players. Her deep understanding of the game enables her to effectively teach fundamental skills, strategies, and techniques. Whether it's perfecting a powerful serve, honing defensive skills, or mastering complex plays, Edee's coaching style focuses on providing comprehensive training that helps her athletes thrive on the court.


What sets Edee apart as a coach is her exceptional teaching ability. She has a natural talent for connecting with her players and creating a positive learning environment. She understands the unique needs of each athlete and tailors her coaching approach accordingly, ensuring that every young female athlete under her guidance feels valued and supported. Edee's dedication to fostering personal growth and character development alongside athletic achievement is truly commendable.


Edee Leslie's passion for volleyball and her commitment to the development of young female athletes make her an outstanding coach. Her high level of knowledge, combined with her exceptional teaching skills, sets her apart in the coaching realm. Through her guidance and mentorship, Edee continues to inspire and empower the next generation of volleyball players, leaving a lasting impact on their lives both on and off the court.

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